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Check out what past attendees in our retreats have shared about their experience...

"The combination of post-yoga buzzes led by Annie followed by thoughtful, reflective spiritual wisdom offered by Abbey was a magical combination."
"Abbey and Annie put so much care into ensuring a lovely experience while appearing very grounded and composed, which created a really lovely container of space for us."
"It was obvious that Abbey and Annie put a lot of thought into every detail of the retreat. They clearly care about making each participant's experience top notch short-term and long-term."
"I just wanted to say thank you for the level of intention and care you put into this retreat. You two crafted a very special space for us all to feel like we could safely ease into and relax into this weekend, and that is such a gift!"
"I enjoyed connecting with people I would likely never meet - and finding so many similarities, so much support, and laughter! I came home feeling both rested and energized, and very inspired to continue focusing on my intentions moving forward."
"I really enjoyed being there solo and having the freedom to choose my own adventure."
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