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About Us

Welcome to Abbey's and Annie's little corner of the wellness world! We have known each other for 17+ years, having met when we both lived in Los Angeles in a previous lifetime (think: office jobs, no kids, lots of beach days!) Nearly two decades of friendship later, we share just as much in common as we did in our 20s - both mothers of young kids, driven to help women feel good in their skin. Annie attended a yoga retreat at the beautiful Wild Rice Retreat and immediately knew she had to invite Abbey to co-create a magical experience - combining her love of yoga as mindful meditation, with Abbey's innate talent to ask deep questions and bring out the best in people through her coaching. After much dreaming and planning, we launched our retreats! 

Abbey and Annie

Meet Abbey

Transformational Life Coach. Group Facilitator. Mama of Two.

Abbey is a highly regarded transformational life coach, group facilitator, and speaker, passionate about gently guiding and wildly celebrating extraordinary women to know their worth, reclaim that inherent power, and ignite their lives from the inside out! Abbey offers a unique integrated and experiential approach that combines tools, resources, and wisdom from global experts and different modalities to support clients. Through Mindset Work, Emotional Mastery, Somatic Experiences, Behavioral and Unconscious Awareness, Spiritual Principles, Mindfulness, Positive Intelligence and more, Abbey is able to meet clients where they are, listen deeply, and offer guidance and inquiry to help uncover their wisdom within.  With Mastery-level training and certification from the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Program and The Institute for Coaching Mastery, as well as her own transformation being one of her greatest credentials, Abbey has varied resources with deep wisdom and experience to help her clients reach their goals.

Meet Annie

-- Yoga Guide. Community Educator. Mama of Three. -- 

With a deep background in education and half a decade of experience in teaching and coaching fitness, Annie has a passion for bringing joy in physical activity to her community. She loves nothing more than meeting people who come back to fitness for the first time in years, who are recovering from childbirth or an injury, or who are scared off from certain forms of exercise due to negative experiences or expectations. Her approach to fitness is to empower people to feel good in movement, whatever form that may take, and which is functional in order to enhance their quality of life. Annie teaches yoga (along with cycling and strength training) at SPENGA as well as barre at Pure Barre, fitness studios in Woodbury, MN. Annie has certifications in personal training (NASM CPT) and yoga (RYT200), as well as a Doctorate in Education. She also volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run Minnesota. Annie is a university administrator and professor, an avid runner and yogi. She has visited over 40 countries, including having lived in Spain and Japan.

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